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This is a fan-wiki for the Wayfarers series of books by Becky Chambers, the first of which is The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet, followed by its sequels A Closed and Common Orbit and Record of a Spaceborn Few.

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The Wayfarers series is a series of science fiction books written by Becky Chambers. These books contain a complex and detailed universe, full of new species, technology, planets and ideas. This wiki exists to help chart the world of the Wayfarer, and everything that exists within that world.

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    New page: Sidra is an instance of the Lovelace AI program usually intended for long haul ships. After tragic events on the Wayfarer she leaves the ship in a...
    Summary: added a page for Sidra
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  • new page Blue
    created by Hartway
    New page: Blue is an artist that lives in Port Coriol with his partner Pepper. Blue (born Lauriel) was born in an enhanced humanity fringe society and was...
    Summary: Added page for Blue, as well as added description of character and backstory
  • new page Lovelace
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    New page: Lovelace is a type of sentient AI module designed to handle security and assist crews on long distance space ships. Lovelace modules have a female...
    Summary: Added Lovelace page and added description and notable Lovelace AIs Lovey and Sidra
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