The survivalists an extremist group of humans. Unlike most other humans, who abandoned Earth as it became uninhabitable, the survivalists continue to live there on a vast plot of restored land granted to them, and stocked with plants and animals, by the GC. Survivalists live in hunter-gatherer societies. They do not believe in any alterations or medical procedure of any kind, even ones that would improve their quality of life, such as assistance in birth. As such, survivalist women sometimes die in childbirth, an event unheard of among Martians and Exodan humans. They seem to believe in a eugenics based, "survival of the fittest" mentality, and only value the strongest, healthiest individuals. This is seen as Mala, who lived in a survivalist commune for a number of years, was ordered to kill her newborn baby Jenks, for his dwarfism.

Survivalists are seen as unsavoury extremists to many humans, even to Gaists, who share the same views on the importance of Earth to Humankind.