The Sianat are a reclusive Galactic Commons race. Sianat Pairs are renowned for their ability to conceptualise multi-dimensional space and navigate subspace through the use of a virus called The Whisperer, which they view as a religious entity.

Sianat Pairs Edit

See also: The Whisperer

All Sianats on their homeworld are infected in childhood with a virus called The Whisperer. This changes their brain function, allowing them to intuitively understand the multi-dimensional nature of space. Once infected, the host and virus are collectively referred to as a Sianat Pair. Sianat Pairs are famous for using plural pronouns to refer to themselves such as "they" as opposed to "he" or "she" and "we" as opposed to "I".

Solitary Sianats Edit

Solitary Sianats, commonly referred to as "heretics" by Sianat Pairs (and sometimes in self-reference) are Sianats who were cured from The Whisperer. They retain their skill in understanding space-time, but are removed of all other side effects.