Lovey was the AI of the Wayfarer. She was in a romantic relationship with Jenks.

Personality Edit

As a sentient AI, Lovey had no physical appearance, but embodied the entirety of the ship. She was originally based on a programme called Lovelace, but developed her own personality based on her experiences. She was particularly personable and outgoing compared to most AIs, and cared a great deal about her crew.

History Edit

Lovey was installed on the Wayfarer on Day 5, Standard 303 by Jenks. Over time the two fell in love, although Lovey later says she has loved him since the day they met. By Standard 306, Lovey had seriously considered getting a body kit so she could be with Jenks in a physical form, although she noted some downsides to the change in how she would sense the world. However, when Jenks became fearful after Corbin's arrest for being a clone, Lovey admitted that her reasons were largely based on him, and she was happy to remain as she was.

While at Hedra Ka, the Wayfarer was fired upon by a Toremi ship, stranding it in subspace. While the crew worked to repair the damage, they believed the vox system had come offline. However, when the ship emerged from subspace, it became clear that Lovey had been seriously damaged. The blast had disrupted the connections between the computer core and the synaptic clusters across the ship, essentially deleting parts of her installation and leaving her confused, distressed and almost completely unable to function. Although Jenks, Kizzy and Pepper worked for hours to try and restore her, they were ultimately unable to do so. Their last hope - a total reset - led to Lovey's memories being permanently deleted, killing her.

Relationships Edit

With Jenks Edit

Lovey and Jenks had a close relationship which blossomed into a romance. Their relationship was somewhat limited by the difference between their two forms, but this did not affect how they felt about each other. Lovey seriously considered using a body kit so they could be together physically, but ultimately the couple decided against it. Instead, they spent time together talking privately in the computer core of the Wayfarer.

Background InformationEdit

The first computer programmer was an English countess known as Ada Lovelace. Perhaps this relates to Becky Chambers' naming of the AI.