Harmagians are a powerful and wealthy species within the Galactic Commons. They are mollusk like blobs without bones. They have yellow skin, eye stalks, and chin tendrils that curl when they're happy. Males and females can be distinguished by the spots across their backs.

Despite Harmagians warmongering past, they are noted not to be very physically intimidating. Because they are invertebrates, they get around very slowly on their own. To keep up with the other species in the GC, Harmagians use motorized carts to get around. They also are known to have very finicky stomachs, avoiding hot food and eating a very restricted diet. While this all makes Harmagians seem very delicate, but it is theorized that their physical limitations have actually been a benefit to them, forcing them to create more advanced tech and allowing other species to underestimate them, making them easier to conquer.

Harmagians pre-GC had a vast empire, enslaving many less technologically advanced species including the Akaraks. After becoming involved in a long, bloody war with the Aeluons, the Harmagians and Aeluon negotiated peace with the Aandrisks mediating, creating the GC.

Harmagians are known to be very rich, working on their ships being one of the best paying jobs for spacers. They also are known to be big sponsors of the arts, Blue's biggest patrons being Harmagian. Manners are very important to Harmagians, especially the relationship between hosts and guests. Guests who do not behave properly are as bad as "petty thieves". The rules for Harmagian conduct are written in a large, tedious volume of rules that most Harmagians are expected to follow.