Blue is an artist that lives in Port Coriol with his partner Pepper.

Blue (born Lauriel) was born in an enhanced humanity fringe society and was originally created to be a politician. He is described as having hair, unlike Pepper, a too symmetrical face, and unnaturally green eyes. He was banished to a land fill on the planet to monitor a junkyard factory because of a speech impediment that stopped him from fulfilling his purpose. Blue spent his time at the factory in a single room, monitoring the facility, and making art. There, he met Pepper (then Jane), and agreed to help get fuel for a ship she was repairing if she took him with her when she left.

Blue and Pepper left the planet and traveled to the Galactic Commons. From there, they got a job on a transport ship and traveled to Port Coriol, where they made their home. During this time Blue and Pepper became very protective of one another and romantically involved.

Blue is a very calming presence and is typically very patient and kind.