Aandrisk are a species that were one of the three founding species of the Galactic Commons. Their homeworld is Hashkath. The most notable Aandrisk character is Sissix.

Aandrisk are reptilian, covered in green or blue scales, and have very flat features. They are taller than humans, but slimmer, with large muscular thighs, and they have clawed hands and feet. Their heads are covered with multi-coloured feathers, which they may give to people who have touched their life significantly.

Aandrisk are very physical, and have a casual attitude towards sex. Children are not considered fully "people" until their feathers grow in upon maturity, and their deaths are not typically mourned. Aandrisk family structures change over the course of their life: as children, they are raised in a "hatch family", then move out into the world as adults to find a "feather family", or a group of people they choose to live with. This may change over time. Finally, as elders, Aandrisk typically form or join a "house family" which raises children, becoming their "hatch family" in turn. Aandrisk children are not usually raised by their genetic, or "egg" parents, but rather are given away to a suitable house family as eggs.